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This is a pumpkin enamel pin from HALLOWEEN 2018 and it is orange with black lines, black eyes and a black smile.
HALLOWEEN 2018 | Pumpkin Enamel Pin
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This is a 2018 Michael Myers NECA head knocker, where he is holding up a knife in his hand, has tombstones and a pumpkin around him and is wearing a white mask with brown hair and grey coveralls.
HALLOWEEN 2018 | Michael Myers Head Knocker
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This is a 2018 Halloween Michael Myers Body Knocker from NECA and he has a grey coverall, a grey weathered mask with brown hair and is holding a silver knife.
HALLOWEEN 2018 | Michael Myers Body Knocker
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This is an image of Michael Myers in a mask from Halloween 2018 and includes the box art for the Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy and Special and Bonus Features, including deleted and extended scenes.
HALLOWEEN 2018 | Blu-Ray with DVD and Digital Copy
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Classic Horror Shop Halloween Michael Myers Blacklight Crew Socks - CRM04QEMRXPP00Classic Horror Shop Halloween Michael Myers Blacklight Crew Socks - CRM04QEMRXPP00

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