Houses of Horror Chapter 4: Friday the 13th 1980

Today we’re heading to the east coast to visit the cursed Campground of Crystal Lake. That’s right, I’m going to take you to where it all began. Where a grieving mother who lost her son exacted her revenge on a group of unsuspecting camp counselors. Surprisingly most of the locations still exist and haven’t changed much over the years, but before we arrive at Camp Blood, we will trace the path of Pamela Voorhees first victim, Annie.

Ninety minutes outside of Manhattan at 331 High St. Hope, NJ. We find the interior of the General Store/Diner where Annie asks for directions and is offered a ride from Enos.

Not far from there we find the corner where Annie and Enos encounter Crazy Ralph at Walnut St. and High St. “You’re doomed, you’re all doomed”.

Moravian Cemetery at 354 High St. Hope, NJ. Is where Enos drops Annie off, where her next ride will be her last.

Ten minutes north of Hope, we find Blairstown NJ. Where most of the streets Annie walks when she first arrives in town are located, as well as the exterior of the General Store/Diner.

Not far from there at 53 State Route 94 Blairstown, NJ. is the Blairstown Diner where Steve Christie has his last meal, while his camp counselors are being murdered.

Ten minutes north of Blairstown we arrive at Camp-No-Be-Bo-Sco at 11 Sand Pond Rd. Hardwick, NJ. also known as Camp Crystal Lake.

Now there a couple of things you need to know if you plan on visiting Camp-No-Be-Bo-Sco; it’s an active Boy Scout Camp and you cannot arrive unannounced. You need to contact them ahead of time to see if they’ll allow you to enter. They have a website with their contact info. They occasionally have Friday the 13th tours where they open the camp to the public. These tours are rather pricey ($130 to $175) and fall on a Friday the 13th weekend.

Since we have notified them ahead of time and received permission to roll through the entrance, we follow the same road Kevin Bacon and his pals did when they arrived at camp.

Directly in front of us is Sand pond aka Crystal Lake where a young boy drowned (or so we thought) Because the camp counselors were too busy having sex to care.

To our right is the Van Dusen Lodge /Main Cabin where our protagonists played Strip Monopoly.

To Our left is what I believe to be Brenda’s Cabin.

More cabins were used in the movie are strewn across the property including the Price Lodge which was the Shower House.

That concludes our tour of Camp Crystal Lake, please enjoy this last phot of a lone canoe suspiciously adrift in the center of the lake.


By PJ Baio

PJ Baio is a Standup Comedian, Avid Horror Movie Fan, Producer and host of Cinema Poo-Radiso, the good bad and ugly podcast.

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